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Clients from all over the country have reached out to { j.kitz } to assist them with their interactive presence, marketing materials and other forms of brand management. Below you'll find just a small snapshot of our web design work.

DeMolay International

DeMolay International contracted { j.kitz } to modernize it's look and feel of the brand on the world wide web. Partnering with a great friend of { j.kitz } they set out to build a vast infrasctucture from the ground up to manage their digital needs. A custom-built content management system, member system with multiple access levels and permissions, a totally rebranded online storefront, donation management system, dynamic event registration, file transfers, message boards and much, much more rounded out this project as one of our largest projects ever built.

>> check it out today at www.demolay.org

Bob Carpenter's Scorebook

If you've ever been a Redbirds fan, then you're sure to recognize Bob Carpenter. What you might not know about Bob though, is that he has developed one of the leading scorebooks announcers and broadcasters use in professional and collegiate baseball. After a perchance meeting with him on the practice putting green of a Tulsa, Oklahoma golf club, Bob contracted { j.kitz } to totally update the look and feel of his existing website that had grown stale for a number of years. Once the site was complete and launched, Bob saw a drastic result in sales almost immeidately.

>> check it out today at www.bcscorebook.com

Venture Properties

One of our first clients and also one of our most recent clients, Venture Properties came back to { j.kitz } to help them in getting their website back up and running after they had an issue with their previous hosting company. { j.kitz } managed to get them back up and running in no time with a brand-new design as well as a totally new content management system to allow their staff to manage their available properties. Their new site is full of dyanmic information about their commercial properties.

>> check it out today at www.ventureproperties.com

Arch Express

Arguably the most reliable courier and delivery service in the St. Louis area, Arch Express had a functional website before coming to { j.kitz }. However...the website was built within Flash. As you may or may not know, Flash websites, although might look great, most of the time are not done properly to effectively handle search engine optimization and mobile devices. We stepped up to the plate and worked with the fabulous owners of this group to get them a professional and clean look to their previously existing website.

>> check it out today at www.archexpress.net

Bewley Chiropractic

When we were in Tulsa, the owner of Bewley Chiropractic was introduced to us and all he said was..."I need a website. I need it now." With one of the easiest client transitions we've ever had to make, Bewley Chiropractic has been running solid with { j.kitz } since early on in 2009. A great chriopractor website complete with doctor bios, a patient form center and much more!

>> check it out today at www.bewleychiropractic.com

Antonia Fire Department

The Antonia Fire Department was facing what so many companies have done throughout the last 5-10 years...have one of their own design and manage the website. Although that's a great cost-saving measure, if you have information to get to your audience, you should consult with a professional prior to anyone setting anything up. We worked with them in their current set-up and have delivered to them a great and clean look and feel with a ton of more content throughout their site.

>> check it out today at www.antoniafire.com

Quik Shots Motorcycle Transport

Quik-Shots is such an awesome group to work with; they came to me and didn't have a huge budget but wanted something nice, clean and done the right way the first time. That's exactly what we deliver here at { j.kitz } and the gang at Quik-Shots Motorcycle Transport was elated when we launched. A client since January, 2008, Quik-Shots has been very pleased with the service that's provided to them year after year.

>> check it out today at www.quik-shots.com

Dr. Mark Whitney, DDS

Another great client from our "Tulsa-days", Dr. Mark Whitney is a leading family dentist in the Tulsa area. Dr. Whitney contract { j.kitz } to design and develop his digital presence. We wanted to make certain that this design would not fall into the traditional trap of 'same, old boring dentist websites'. Additionally, we also assisted with the integration of a Google Places page to assist in search engine placement. The client was thrilled with the end result.

>> check it out today at www.docwhitneydds.com
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